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How Can Phantom Help You?

Bitcoin October 23-25, 2019

Large time-frames are really good for "negating chart noise".
Once price action exits phantom script it is in a no trade zone. 

Upon re-entry is the golden opportunity.

Throughout October of 2019, Bitcoin's 4-hour Phantom was trading outside of the range. Which means the market was getting ready for Phantom re-entry. 

Upon re-entry Bitcoin's price rejected at Phantom's Mid-line, which presented the first opportunity to sell short. 

The Target  and flip long were also predetermined. 
Not only did phantom traders make a 10% Short after 6 weeks of market indecision. 

But they were able to capture a Massive 43% long when phantom signaled long.


Intra-day ranges chop many traders out. "Breakout longs" get stopped out and liquidated, while "support sellers" end up buying higher.

The above 2 types of traders lose more money than any other participants.

Here Phantom allows you to short failing breakouts, and demonstrates where to add to longs.

Shorting false breakout highs and buying just where others capitulate are Phantom's strong suits.
Grand Opportunities?
Using Phantom during the SPY December 2018 Flash Crash
During late 2018 and 2019 Phantom signaled the BOTTOM on the $SPY
Then signaled to hedge or Sell the top, Phantom midlines are excellent for when the market appears to be in "indecision". 

When price is closing above the midlines, a green dot signals, long.
When price closes below the midlines, a red dot signals short, or hedge.
During 2018 and 2019, Phantom not only signaled the bottom, but accumulated SPY for the breakout!
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Recent Phantom Trades
Bitcoin, January 2020 Bottom
On January 2nd of 2020, Phantom's 2-hour chart signaled the bottom on $BTC Bitcoin.
This Phantom Signal was followed by a 36% Climb before running into Phantom's Sell zone. 

Bitcoin Buy Price: $6,926
Bitcoin's Hedge Price: $9,478

Phantom users that Hedge using futures and options get the benefit of not trading one side, and maintaining exposure at Peaks. That way they secure their profits, and reduce exposure without having to find another entry signal.
SPY, CoronaVirus Crash? Or Phantom Liquidity
February 12th, through the 20th of 2020.
Phantom signaled a strong sell zone of the SPY, 8 days of selling before the "Coronavirus" Market Crash.

Phantom gives you foresight into what's around the corner. This time it was a 9% flash melting crash.
Bitcoin's COVID-19 Correction
What to trade those big moves? Do you want to short those impossible to find tops ?

Phantom signaled the short on Bitcoin's top during the false breakout. Once again selling into "Breakout longers".

The end result? A 17% Dump within 7 days.
Phantom also signaled the top at the local high, just before the flash crash started. 

The following days, Phantom users were able to capture 60%+ in short-sided profits
Since the peak, "swing low" of the correction, Phantom has issued two buy signals.

 $4,700 and $5,600. At the time of this update those entries are up %40 and %15 respectively.

Forward Thinking

Phantom shows you where price is expected to reverse.

And it does so far in advance so you know what levels to look for.

Any Time Frame

Want to trade intra-day, 30 minute, 4 hour, or even daily charts?

Phantom supports all time frames.

Early Insight

Catch the most profitable entries in both directions!

Phantom allows you to spot reversal levels much sooner than others can.

Ready to stop blaming the market and start seeing it with a new set of eyes?
Imagine What Phantom Could Do For You

What are you waiting for, Can you afford not to use Phantom?

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The Truth About Markets...

Most traders enter the market to make money, yet they tend to never truly extract value due being unprepared. The majority end up donating their funds to "Advanced Trading Systems."

You've probably heard the terms: "sophisticated investor, algorithms, and quantitative firm". These three categories end up on the winning side of trades 90% of the time. And that's exactly what Phantom is, labelling Phantom as an indicator is an understatement. 

Phantom is a strategy that was developed for a sophisticated trading desk, a hedge fund! And it is such a powerful strategy, not only has it given traders and institutions the most timely and profitable of signals, it has embarrassed financial editors in the process.

When publications complain “manipulation and insider trading” it’s actually phantom at work. 

From Vanity Fair's William D. Cohen, on October 16th

The Two Trades Mr. Cohen was scapegoating as "insider trading" and "manipulation" were actually executed according to Phantom's strategy. Both are highlighted by the red vertical lines.

The name Phantom comes from how the strategy works. Just when the market appears to want to breakout, a phantom influx of volume trades it into the other direction.

Breakout traders get REKT, time, after time, after time. The sophisticated system wins, and the losers find someone else to blame.

Who Are These Guys?

We're a team of professional traders and software engineers. Together we build simple, clean, and beautiful TradingView scripts and indicators to help traders just like you see the market the way we do.
George Saber 27x'd his account in 2017 trading Altcoins using his unique ability to spot patterns in the market and profit from them. 
In the 2018 crypto correction he shorted from $12,000 for a 10x return, after which he predicted the 2019 bull-run of both Bitcoin and Gold days before the move! The knowledge he has accumulated over the years is powerful, and now, you get to learn and apply it.  
André Crabb earned his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. His expertise comes from working at companies like Amazon, Apple, and Pandora, among others, where he was responsible for delivering user-facing apps. Creating beautiful, simple to use applications and tools is his specialty.
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