Meet RBI,
The Relative Breadth Index
The Only Oscillator You'll Ever Need

Most momentum oscillators are becoming obsolete,
You know you can't rely on them anymore, so why even trade them?

RBI is comprehensive, leading, easy to read, delivers divergences, signals, and true relative breadth.
Leading Trend ID
RBI allows you to identify the true nature of the trend and will signal reversals earlier than any other oscillator.
Detect powerful divergences and hidden divergences and capitalise on the incoming reversal. RBI is asset relative, and is fine tuned to detect reliable divergences.
Clear Signals
Easy to read, loaded with signals for both current trend, and interim move.
RBI delivers both divergence indications to buy and sell signals. 
Truth #1 about Markets:
The few take the majority's moneys.
Most traders enter the market to make money, yet they tend to never truly extract value due being unprepared. The majority end up donating their funds to "Advanced Trading Systems."

You've probably heard the terms: "sophisticated investor, algorithms, and quantitative firm". These three categories end up on the winning side of trades 90% of the time. RBI originally designed quantitatively to provide confirmations, but it proved to be so reliable, that standalone it could outperform 90% of other oscillators. 

What is a Breadth Indicator?
Breadth indicators are mathematical formulas that measure the number of advancing and declining stocks, and/or their volume, to calculate the participation in a stock index's price movements.

What is Relative Breadth?
Relative breadth is our proprietary formula that takes into account the directional index, net volume, money flow, relative strength, and the asset's advance/decline. Then delivers 3 main oscillating outputs. Long and medium term K/D signal lines, and their Stochastic leading oscillator.

What does all that mean?
Not only do you get three Leading oscillators to help you determine when to long or short an asset, but our team went above and beyond to make RBI deliver powerful and timely signals. 

Trend And Breadth
Positive Vs Negative
One of the simplest uses of RBI is detecting trend shifts. 
Trend Shifts are represented by K and D crossovers, these crossovers are visible on all time frames.
K is represented by the green oscillator and D by the Red. Similar to a Stochastic oscillator, but in RBI K/D will capture the majority of the trend. 

K/D crossovers represent trend Shifts, when K above D the trend is bullish, and the inverse is bearish.

The above example doesn't describe all markets. 
Usually Markets are choppy, vicious, and fool the most experienced traders.
And that's Where RBI Shines!

Detect More Divergences, Confirm with RBI Signals!
RBI's unique 3 line nature provides traders with the most reliable signals, and the built in signal confirmation features make it fool proof!
The Previously mentioned KD lines are accompanied by a Signal Line, in white. 

KD represent relative breadth. And once breadth becomes divergent from price, while breadth is negative; not only is RBI signalling a true top is ahead. The signal line will also gift the trader the most opportune moment to short sell at a market top, far ahead of the correction. 
Never FOMO Again!
Ready To Start Momentum Like Never Before?
Introducing The Signal Line!

Leading Momentum

RBI's Signal line is leading! It describes trend, detects trend shifts, is used for divergences, and has built-in signalling features.

Can your RSI do all that?

All Time Frames

Want to trade intra-day, 5-minute, 4 hour, or even Daily charts?

RBI supports all time frames, and the signal line will guide you.

Tops and Bottoms

Unique Signals will appear on the signal line, each presenting a unique opportunity. 
Whether you're looking for scalps, swings, or capturing full reversals, you will find your confirmation.

Buy and Sell Signals
Easily pick local tops and bottoms with the Signal line!
Rectangles in overbought and oversold extremes hint "look for a possible divergence." 
Circles along the Signal line, Green is a buy signal, Red is a Sell Signal. 
Triangles along the Signal line, Green is a Strong Buy Signal, and Red is a strong Sell Signal.
Cyan along the Signal line, means Trend Shift and likely a change in real-time trend direction is coming.
Signal Line Trend Shifts

Large Time Frames and Grand Opportunities!

Want Even More Edge?

Ready To Trade The Traps!
Bull Traps, Bear Traps, and the Most Violent Swings?

Signal Line and KD Support/Resistance!
RBI is clearly the superior oscillatorWhat could you do with its insight? 

Truth #2 about Markets:
Most Indicators are older than traders themselves. 
RBI was designed by Today's Technicians for Tomorrow's Markets!

According to the 2019 CMT "Chartered Market Technician" Handbook, oscillators are so old, they've been rendered obsolete, and are no longer usable. 

How old are your indicators?

24/7 Support:

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All Asset Classes:

Trade Bitcoin, Altcoins, Stocks, Commodities, Forex, every Chart!

Long and Short:

Trend following and counter-trend opportunities.
To make the most from every chart!

We get it! Navigating markets is hard.
That's why we designed the Relative Breadth Index. To give YOU the more edge and to make generating profits much easier.
Start Using RBI Today

Tell your lagging indicators to step aside. RBI shows what's happening now.

True Signals

RBI is forward-thinking. It's not about what has happened, but about what can happen next.

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