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Being Profitable in Markets is a matter of EDGE!
What Can You See That Others Can't?
XABCD Scanner
The Only, Comprehensive Harmonic Pattern Scanner for TradingView
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How It Works

See What Others Have To Say,
In Their Own Words

Gain Edge Into Trading Reversals
All Time Frames, All Asset Classes

Using the Scanner is simple:

Step 1: Wait for the pattern to complete.
Step 2: Scale in long or short.
Step 3: Use the suggested Stop Loss.
Step 4: Let the market do the work.
Step 5: Take profit at Targets.

Trade High Volatility:

XABCD Scanner signaled a bearish reversal for the SPY before the sell-off.
During the crash, the scanner displayed a long 4-Point formation with completion at $288.
Soon After the SPY proceeded to Rallying towards Target 1, within minutes. 

 Gain EDGE, into market reversals, before they happen, then capitalise on volatility using the scanner.
February 2020, CoronaVirus Crash!

Intra-Day Chop:

Choppy Markets? No Problem!
By Recognising over 10 harmonic patterns, our harmonic scanner will show you where to buy low, and sell high.

Even on the most unpredictable assets such as Bitcoin, as seen on the left.

See Into The Future:

Many traders make the mistake of "catching the wrong knife".

With our Scanner, see far into the future and save yourself the losses and the mental beat-down.

You will gain the EDGE that you've always dreamt of having. And you will master buying low and selling high.
  • Free
  • 24/7 Support
  • Community and Team Access
Harness the Power of XABCD Scanner!
Price: $89/month
Just $47/month when you start your trial today.
Watch how the Scanner can PAY FOR ITSELF (and then some!) month after month as we teach you to master it.
Recent XABCD Trades
$LTCBTC, January 2020 Bottom
January 2020, a 4-point harmonic pattern marked the bottom of the Litecoin/Bitcoin pair.
The signal resulted in a %46 gain.
And just 1 month later the scanner signaled another reversal, for a -17% Drop in LTCBTC pair. 

What About Harmonics and Forex?
The $GBPUSD chart on the right has traded very well according to harmonic patterns.
3- of which since resulted in major swings, in the short 29 days of February 2020. 
And 1 formation produced a minor target.
Currently GPBUSD is at target 1, which was reached just 4 hours after reversed at the suggested prz.
Bitcoin's February 2020.
Want to trade those seemingly impossible to time reversals?

Our harmonic scanner signaled the last 2 major pivots on Bitcoin in February, including the false breakout. Imagine if you sold short into the fake breakout and benefited from the %15 dump that followed.

Forward Thinking

Harmonic Patterns show you where price is expected to reverse.

And and our scanner projects them far in advance so you know what levels to look for.

Any Time Frame

Want to trade intra-day, 30 minute, 4 hour, or even daily charts?

The Scanner supports all time frames.

Early Insight

Catch the most profitable entries in both directions!

The Scanner allows you to spot reversal levels much sooner than others can.

Ready to stop blaming the market and start seeing it with a new set of eyes?
What could you do with the EDGE of Harmonics?

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Who Are These Guys?

We're a team of professional traders and software engineers. Together we build simple, clean, and beautiful TradingView scripts and indicators to help traders just like you see the market the way we do.
George Saber 27x'd his account in 2017 trading Altcoins using his unique ability to spot patterns in the market and profit from them. 
In the 2018 crypto correction he shorted from $12,000 for a 10x return, after which he predicted the 2019 bull-run of both Bitcoin and Gold days before the move! The knowledge he has accumulated over the years is powerful, and now, you get to learn and apply it.  
André Crabb earned his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. His expertise comes from working at companies like Amazon, Apple, and Pandora, among others, where he was responsible for delivering user-facing apps. Creating beautiful, simple to use applications and tools is his specialty.
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